Management Policy

Innovation 2021

Company that innovates constantly, based on respect for human life Our management philosophy is the enterepreneurial spirit that constantly challenges to the future, considering happiness of our customers and members as top-priority value.

Management Policy

Change and Innovation
Constantly innovate towards the best with passion continuous learning.
Cooperation & Right Way
Respect Our Opponent, Keep the basic principles, compete fairly and observe honor and manners


Quality is the pride of the company and the highest commitment to customers.
Execute the hightest quality to impress customers by establishing and running quality system thoroughy.

Quality Goals
Ensuring advanced quality by strengthening prevention activities
Improving process quality through continuous improcerment.
Reinforcing competitiveness by ensuring customer quality


  • We are deeply aware of environmental impact our products affect.
  • We comply with environmental regulations.
  • We make active efforts to reduce pollution.
  • We document and maintain the details related to environment.
  • The employees and manager of our company are deeply aware of the importance of environment and actively promote pollution prevention and improvement activities.